• Corporate Social Responsibility

    Birla cellulose with its Swedish specialty viscose plant Domjoe, has taken its green initiatives for cleaner technologies and waste recycling to the next level.
  • Innovations

    Birla Cellulose of the Aditya Birla group now brings about innovation in the fibre industry with its nature-friendly cellulosic creations.
  • Environment

    Born from nature Birla Cellulose fibres with its green goals manufacture green products using cleaner technologies.
  • Quality

    Quality drives birla cellulose and maintains strict quality with quality control and quality assurance.
  • Fashion Fibre

    Fashion Fibre - Nature’s Splendor to Catwalk of The World. Co-Branding, Collaborations with various fashion designers. Collaboration with Arvind Mills, Birla Viscose Collection By Anita Dongre, Birla Modal Collection By Manish Malhotra, Excel Collection By Rajesh Pratap Singh, Neva Mod Collection
  • Global Strides

    Birla Cellulose has its marketing offices in turkey, China, Bangladesh, India, Thailand and Indonesia. Birla cellulose markets birla excel, birla purocel, exotic fibres, birla viscose, birla modal textile for apparels.
  • Customer Service

    We want our customers to have a pleasant experience while dealing with us. Hence Birla Cellulose customer service team is always developing advance services that will help our customers.
  • Globals

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