The specialized hangtags for our branded products assure the consumer about their quality, benefits and enthuse to buy along with recall. Only the garments meeting our rigorous testing parameters are allowed to have ABY™ hangtags thus assuring the consumer only get the best quality product.

Policy for Birla Cellulose Tags

  1. A minimum content (case based) of Birla Cellulose should be in fabric / made up / garments for flat woven and knitted goods.
  2. Spinning partners should maintain a register tallying party-wise sale of Birla Cellulose yarns, fabrics and garments made thereof, and the destination of the produce, while disbursing tags to the value chain.
  3. Value chain can also avail Birla Cellulose tags directly from Grasim, by furnishing sample of the finished product, with information on their raw material source and product quality specifications, tallying quantity produced and the destination / buyer.
  4. Only first quality products, which satisfy threshold test values and checks on quality, would be allowed to carry a Birla Cellulose tag.

***illegal use of the brand would be liable for prosecution


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