Birla Cellulose offerings are used in their 100% form as well as in blends with all natural and synthetic fibres like cotton, polyester, acrylic, wood and silk for enhanced comfort, feel and lustre. Over the years, Birla Cellulose’s offerings have found new and path-breaking innovations that add comfort to your life.

Personal Care
Home Wipes
Medical Disposables
Industrial Application

Softest Personal Care

Our patented fibres are greener than other fibres, and are exceptionally gentle on the skin. They are specially designed for a range of personal care applications from skin wipes, cosmetic wipes and baby wipes to more sensitive applications like baby diapers and feminine hygiene products.

Refreshing Skin Wipes

Facial wipes that soften and revitalise your skin.

Speciality Skin Wipes

From toning wipes, to sunscreen wipes – we’ve got all your skincare needs covered.

Cosmetic Wipes

An essential part of your daily routine - soothing wipes that gently remove all traces of make-up

Feminine Hygiene Products

Comfortable and hygienic - for the most intimate applications.

Baby Wipes

Soft, pure, and gentle wipes that are ideal for your baby's delicate skin.

Baby Diapers

Diapers made with all the softness, absorbency and gentleness of our fibres.

Greener, Cleaner Homes

With the added advantage of high absorbency and smoothness, our fibres help to make wipes that clean all surfaces perfectly. Our wipes also ensure lint-free, fresh surfaces in your home. The wide range of Birla Spunshades fibres also offer an opportunity for a wide range of colours in kitchen and household cleaning wipes.

Kitchen Wipes

Household wipes that are absorbent and durable yet gentle on delicate surfaces

Car Wipes

Tough wipes for tough jobs

Safest Medical Disposables

Our non-woven fibres are made in adherence to the highest levels of purity, safety and hygiene, making them ideal for extensive use in medical applications.

Surgical Gowns

Safe to use, easy to dispose

Operation Cover Sheets

Hygienic sheets for safe operations


Highly absorbent and gentle on the skin

Face Masks

Medical masks made from pure and hygienic fibres


Made from pure, hygienic fibres that help you heal

Surgical Caps

Comfortable and hygienic caps for medical applications

Highly Efficient Industrial Applications

Our fibres are suited for a wide range of industrial applications. With their high strength, these fibres exhibit better filtering and permeability characteristics.

Industrial Cleaning

Durable products for a wide range of heavy-duty cleaning applications


Optimised for performance in industrial or automotive filtration