Our Fibres

With over 50 years of experience in manufacturing world-class cellulosic fibres, our expertise helps us perfect our manufacturing process, ensuring that our customers get the most advanced products in the industry. At the core of this dynamism is a much larger motive – of ingraining eco-friendliness into every fibre of human life – making all our applications greener, purer and safer for both people and the planet.

Birla Purosilk FM

Fibres that feel like silk!

Purosilk FM, a fibre specially developed for face mask application, has an unmatched silky soft surface that pampers the skin. With monitored controls and fibre testing, Purosilk FM maintains product hygiene and complies with global standards. These fibres offer unmatched softness, while guaranteeing optimum absorption and release of active ingredients. Backed by viscose strength, Purosilk FM sheds almost no lint, retaining structure at all times. With superior absorption, retention and release, Purosilk FM is ideal for face masks designed for skin treatment.

The Birla Purosilk FM Advantage

Birla Viscose

Made with utmost care, for the purest non-woven experience

The only viscose in the world that is totally heavy-metal free, Birla Viscose is a first generation cellulosic fibre. Birla Cellulose adheres to the highest levels of safety and purity standards. Offering maximum product quality with minimal environmental impact, Birla Viscose is made from completely natural and renewable resources and is specifically engineered to suit each of its applications.

Birla Viscose: The Non-Woven Benefit

Birla Hope FR

Flame retardant viscose fibre, MMF for safer products

Birla Hope FR is our fire retardant man made fibre that offers protection from heat - fire, radiant heat, electric arcs, molten metals and flash fires. Made from natural raw materials, Hope FR has a flame retardant char layer incorporated through the cross-section of the fibre. This shields the product’s interior foam against oxygen, providing a barrier against the heat source. If fulfills the requirements of CPSC 16CFR part 1633: US Federal Mattresss Flammability Standard, as non-woven matt. It can be used in a wide range of applications, from mattress ticking and filling to furniture upholstery.

Birla Hope FR – The Non-Woven Benefit

Birla Spunshades

Brighter, greener, colour-fast fibres

Birla Spunshades, our vibrant, heavy metal-free, coloured spun-dyed viscose fibre, MMF are made with a revolutionary technique that places the colour pigments into the fibre itself. This avoids conventional dyeing in the downstream value chain, which saves 30 litres of water (and the accompanying colour pollution) for every metre of fabric processed. The result is a colour that fully saturates the fibre—a much better solution than conventional dyeing. Shade consistency avoids rejection due to shade variations among lots which is a common problem with conventional dyeing. Birla Spunshades is available in a colour palette spanning over 100 shades, 10 of which are extensively used in the non-woven sector.

Birla Spunshades – The Non-Woven Benefit

Birla Excel

Highest fibre strength, lowest environmental impact

Birla Excel is a third generation fibre, the latest in the line of cellulosic fibres from Birla Cellulose. Made from a highly refined eco-friendly process that emerged as a result of the studies at the Birla Research Institute, it combines the comfort and luxury of a natural fibre with the engineered precision of a man-made fibre. Excel comes with a unique set properties like high strength and dimensional stability, high absorbency, smoothness and skin-friendliness. Also adding to the green quotient of this product is the fact that it is made from the choicest of wood pulps, which are a natural and renewable resource.

Birla Excel: The Non-Woven Benefit

Colour Catcher

Viscose fibre, MMF for superior colour absorption

A modified man made viscose fibre, MMF with superior colour absorption properties, ensuring the protection and durability of coloured clothing. With its high affinity to dyestuffs, these man made fibres help in eliminating undesired colour run in the process of washing coloured textiles.

The Colour Catcher advantage

AntiBac Plus

An antibacterial fibre that makes safe, safer

Introducing an ‘Antibacterial Fibre’ created specifically for exceptional protection and safety. This specially treated man made fibre eliminates the step of antibacterial treatment of the final product without compromising on its purity, hygiene and performance. The fibre is also tested to see that the efficacy remains constant even after repeated washing (tested up to 40 washes) and standard spun lacing. Thus, AntiBac Plus is not just a fibre but a promise of optimum safety. It can be used in a wide range of applications, from surface cleaning wipes and medical wound care, to industrial substrates.

The AntiBac Plus advantage


Pure viscose fibres, MMF for non-woven

A line of non-woven man made fibres that are best suited for medical, personal hygiene and industrial substrate applications. Purocel is manufactured maintaining strict hygiene controls and undergoes testing to ensure it is hygiene compliant with global hygiene standards. These fibres are FDA compliant, bio-degradable and compostable, and are suitable for high speed processing on the latest spun lace non-woven equipment. Purocel is available in a wide range of fibre certifications such as ECF, TCF, FSC etc. and are tested and certified by global certification bodies ensuring the best hygiene standards in a non-woven fibre.

The Purocel advantage

Coarse Denier

High performance speciality fibres for industrial non-woven

Successfully producing coarse denier for more than 5 decades, we offer the widest range of the speciality non-woven man made fibre for a variety of applications. Our coarse deniers are made from natural resources, are bio-degradable and help us improve the sustainability of our non-woven products. Being a trusted quality supplier of the speciality fibre, we ensure unlimited supplies and local support in key markets such as USA and Europe. Our coarse deniers are well suited for a variety of industrial applications such as battery separators, carbon precursors, filters and waddings.

The Coarse Denier advantage