Soft. Hygienic. Refreshing.

Made with utmost care, for the purest non-woven experience

With the highest standards of safety and purity, Birla Cellulose, nature-based man-made fibre sourced from wood pulp offers a range of fibres to suit every non-woven application.


Birla Cellulose’s range of fibres are superbly adaptable, with properties engineered to suit a vast range of applications.
With high absorbency and unmatched purity, they are ideal for personal care, hygiene and medical applications.

Personal Care

From toning wipes, to sunscreen wipes – we’ve got all your skincare needs covered.

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Made with the purest fibres, our wipes are designed for specific applications – from the softest personal care wipes, to eco-friendly home care wipes for cleaner and greener homes.

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Baby Care

Diapers made with all the softness, absorbency and gentleness of our fibre

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Home Care Wipes

Household wipes that are absorbent and durable yet gentle on delicate surfaces

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Hygiene Product

Comfortable and hygienic - for the most intimate applications.

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Made from the only heavy-metal free fibre in the world, our fibres are designed to offer impeccable purity, absorbency and the highest levels of comfort.

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Medical Textiles

Safe to use, easy to dispose

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Industrial Applications

Optimised for performance in industrial or automotive filtration

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The Birla Cellulose Advantage

Purified and Hygienic
Engineered Socialities
Soft and Comfortable
Highly Absorbent

Our Fibres

Purosilk FM, a fibre specially developed for face mask application, has an unmatched silky soft surface that pampers the skin.

Birla Coarse Viscose

A range of coarse denier fibres to meet the requirements of industrial non-woven applications.

Birla Purocel

With the latest state-of-the-art technology backing it, Birla Purocel has the best of engineered specifications suited for particular applications.

Birla Hope FR

Birla Hope FR is our fire retardant fibre that offers protection from heat - fire, radiant heat, electric arcs, molten metals and flash fires.

Birla Spun Shades

A vibrant coloured, spun-dyed fibre that is made by placing colour pigments within the fibre itself. This results in a color that fully saturates the fibre.



From increasing the availability of information and research, to providing technical assistance, we proactively strive to create value for our partners across the value chain.

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Innovation Beyond Fibres

At Birla Cellulose, we’re dedicate to improving our products and processes, making eco-friendly innovations that create value for our consumers and partners.

Conserving the Environment, Sustaining Communities

Every step of our operations is guided by our social
responsibility to the people who’re involved in
making our products and to the environment.

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