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At Birla Cellulose, every step we take stems from our vision of being the global leader in the viscose staple fibre (MMF) Industry.

The Origins of Birla Cellulose

Birla Cellulose started its journey in the 1940s. It started as a vision of the Aditya Birla Group that foresaw the limitations of cotton and polyester, and identified the need for a suitable alternative, natural, man-made fibre that would eventually take the textile world by storm.

From the very onset, global standards were adopted both in terms of commitment to quality and the setting up of world-class facilities and processes. The world is a very different place today - with ever increasing competition from global players and consumers who are becoming more discerning by the day.

Our Global reach with VSF production units in India, Thailand, Indonesia & China plant commands a leadership position in Global VSF market share which is a key ingredient to major international fashion & lifestyle brands.

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Our Logo

Our Logo

Leaves fall and grow as the seasons change. This cycle of renewability is a quality that is harboured at the very heart of the Birla Cellulose brand. Ensconced inside a circle that also represents renewability, our logo is formed by three leaves circling each other. These floating leaves are symbolic of the comfort and lightness inherent in our fibres. The vibrant green of our logo is synonymous with many vibrant shades that our fibres embody.

Brand Essence

Much like the naturally grown trees that they are made from, our fibres are imbued with unique natural properties like breathability, good absorption and comfort. This is what sets us apart from artificial fibres like polyester.

Brand Values


Nature is the source of Birla Cellulose. Our fibres come with the soothing, comforting, elevating properties of nature.


Nothing is more fashionable than a natural fibre. With its superior drape and fall, our cellulosic fibres make a bigger fashion statement than any other man-made fibre.


With its unique properties that are engineered to evolve with the changing requirements of both, our customers and the fashion world, we promise that our fibres are timeless.

Lifestyle Catalyst

With strong roots in R&D, we're always finding new ways to make fibres that are more sustainable, and more technologically powerful.


Combining the best properties of all fibres into one super fibre, Birla Cellulose’s versatility is what makes it so very good at expanding the possibilities of both textile and non-textile applications.