Birla Sodium Sulphate

Birla Sodium Sulphate, which is a rayon grade Sodium Sulphate, with a pH value of 7-9 indicates the absence of any acidity. This advantage makes sodium sulphate preferable in pulp-paper and glass industries. In the detergent industry, where sodium sulphate is consumed up to 40% by wt., the complete absence of toxic minerals and the neutral pH zone is of crucial importance.


Grasim Industries Ltd. is the largest producer of Sodium Sulphate in India with more than 55% of market share;
the product is sold under the brand name of Birla Sodium Sulphate. Here are some of its applications -


Birla Sodium Sulphate is an ideal filler and volume builder, as it is free flowing, bright, soluble and white.


Source of sodium and acts as a refining agent and prevents formation of scum during the melting of sand.

Pulp & Paper

In the Kraft process, Birla Sodium Sulphate is used in the cooking liquor recovery circuit to replenish the lost sodium and sulphur.


Birla Sodium sulphate aids in producing a more “level” colour and better distribution of the dye on the fiber with deeper shades.

Dyes & Chemicals

Free flowness, low chloride content and suitable pH are the USPs of the Birla Sodium Sulphate for dye manufacturing. It is also used to produce potassium sulphate, aluminiumsulphate, etc.

Zinc Smelting

Birla Sodium Sulphate is used as an agent, facilitating removal of iron and other impurities from molten zinc metal.

Birla Cellulose Advantages

  • Regular quality
  • Coarser grade
  • Finer Grade
  • Low pH
  • Low COD
  • Low chloride
  • High pH


  • 50kg and 1000kg HDPE / Polypropylene woven sacks.

Birla Sodium Sulphate Locations

  1. Grasim Stale fibre Division, Nagda (MP)
  2. Birla Cellulosic, Kharach (GJ)
  3. Grasilene, Harihar (KA)
  4. Grasim Cellulosic Division, Vilayat (GJ)
  5. Indian Rayon, Veraval (GJ))

Product Specifications

Sr. No. Particulars / Parameter Unit Specification
  A. Physical Properties -    
1 Anhydrous, Free Flowing - YES
2 White Powder - YES
3 Visible Impurities - NO
  B. Chemical Properties -    
1Whiteness BergerMin 80
2Sodium Sulphate (as Na2SO4)%Min 99.0
3Matter Insoluble in Water%Max 0.25
4Chlorides as Nacl%Max 0.10
5Iron as FeppmMax 25
6Loss on Ignition at 600º C%Max 0.30
7pH of 10% Solution in D/W-7.5 - 8.5
8Calcium & Magnisim as CappmMax 100
9Alkalinity as NaOH%Max 0.10
10Iron, Aluminium as R2O3%Max 0.05
11Moisture%Max 0.10
12Bulk Densitygm/ml1.2-1.6
13Sieve Test -
14BS +60 mesh%Min 0.10
15BS +100 mesh%Min 10.0
16BS +150 mesh%Min 55.0
17BS +240 mesh%Min 90.0
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