Our Branding Programme

At Birla Cellulose, we have developed our accreditation system and branding program for our consumers, direct customers, as well our downstream partners like fabric producers, garment makers and brands. Through this, we endeavour to assure you that you have purchased a quality product from Birla Cellulose.

Accordingly, we give our eligible partners the right to our labels, stickers and tags for fabrics, garments and home textile products consisting of at least 30% Birla Cellulose fibres (premium fibres).

To ensure adherence to our impeccable standards of quality, our partners are carefully selected after they pass a set accreditation criteria. After successfully meeting our accreditation criteria, our partners will be able to request access to our labels.

To know more about our co-marketing schemes, please write to us at marketing.textiles@adityabirla.com

Hang Tag

Look for the Birla Cellulose trust mark - Hang Tags that help you recognise products made with our world-class fibres


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