Birla Cellulose’s textile fibres are designed for fashion conscious consumers who swear by its lush softness, wonderful lustre and fluid drape. Our fibres can be used in their 100% form, as well as in blends with all natural and synthetic fibres like cotton, polyester, acrylic, wood and silk.

Home Textiles


With its softness, fluidity, lustre and colour-depth, Birla Cellulose fibres are a designer’s dream. With a range of cellulosic fibres that are specially designed to suit various applications, we endeavor to add new levels of comfort and style to your life.

Vibrant Partywear

With a wide palette of prints and colours, Birla Cellulose brings party wear to life – bright, comfortable and super fashionable!

High Fashion Womenswear

The designer’s dream - fueling the evolution of new design options, our fibres offer you an unlimited choice of finishes and patterns.

Stylish Suiting

With its unique drape, Birla Viscose and its blends are perfect for designing suits with unparalleled elegance, excellent crease recovery and comfort.

Robust Workwear

Answering the call for durable, comfortable, colour-fast fabric, our Spun Dyed Viscose fibre, MMF can be used in making robust apparel for everyday workwear.

Elegant Formal Workwear

From the forests to your boardroom, our fibres have come a long way in defining elegance and comfort for the modern professional.

Versatile Knitted Lesiurewear

The firm fit and supple flow of Birla Viscose and Birla Modal and their blends, makes them ideal for use in designing soft, elastic clothes that stay fresh even after repeated use.

Comfortable Intimatewear

Birla Cellulose fibres come with all the softness and freshness of nature, making them perfect for use in intimate textile applications.

Active Sportswear

With excellent moisture absorbency, sportswear made with Birla Cellulose offers you the highest levels of style, comfort and breathability.

Home Textiles

Setting the pace for a modern home-maker’s desire for comfort and convenience, Birla Cellulose fibres find extensive usage in home textile applications, both in their 100% or blended form.

Bed Linen

Comfort and freshness of a good night's sleep - exquisite jacquards and fibre dyed wovens to captivating prints and elegant embroideries.

Bath Linen

The preferred choice for making soft, fluffy and highly absorbent bath linen, our fibres add that feel-good factor to bath times.

Kitchen Linen

Our fibres are used to make natural and vibrant kitchen linens, transforming mundane kitchen chores into an exquisite experience.


Our fibres are used to make an ornate and rich range of tapestry and upholstery, transforming rooms into artistic expressions.