Our Fibres

With over 50 years of experience in manufacturing world-class cellulosic fibres, our expertise helps us perfect our manufacturing process, ensuring that our customers get the most advanced products in the industry. At the core of this dynamism is a much larger motive – of ingraining eco-friendliness into every fibre of human life – making all our applications greener, purer and safer for both people and the planet.

Birla Viscose

Excellent Fluidity Effortless Drape From Fibre To Fashion

Birla Viscose is a regenerated cellulose fibre made from wood pulp, a sustainable natural resource. Birla Viscose is not only bio-degradable and eco-friendly, it is also one of the most purified form of cellulose. Birla Viscose enriches every garment with fluidity, lustre, softness, drape and comfort. Excellent for skin, these delightful fibres, inspire soft drapes, effortless style and are bound to make your everyday moments glamorous.

The Birla Viscose Advantage

Birla Modal

Luxuriously Soft Natural Sheen From Fibre To Fashion

Birla Modal combines aesthetics and elegance with performance. Birla Modal is the second generation in man-made cellulosic fibres which couples great consumer & value chain benefits. 'Modal' as defined by The International Bureau for the Standardization of Man Made Fibres (BISFA) is a distinct viscose fibre genre, which has a higher wet modulus and satisfies a minimum value of tenacity in the wet stage at 5% elongation.

The Birla Modal Advantage

Birla Spunshades

Vibrant Colours Enviromet Friendly From Fibre to Fashion

Birla Spunshades are coloured, man-made cellulosic fibre where pigments are injected into the viscose dope before the fibre is spun and cut. This ensures that colours seep deep inside the core of the fibre, to result in a host of benefits. The colours don’t just stay bright and true for years, but are eco-friendly too.

The Birla Spunshades Advantage

Birla Excel

High in Strength Soft on Skin From Fibre to Fashion

Birla Excel a revolution in fashion, is the designer’s dream fibre that transforms fashion classics into green classics. We’ve reinvented the quintessential classic by making it environment friendly in this day and age. This resilient, wash and wear fabric inspires splendid creations, making it a red carpet must-have, and every designer’s favourite fabric. Fashion Designers swear by Birla Excel, for imparting wonderful lustre, fluid drape, luscious hand feel and pliability to the fabric. Different hand feels are achievable with fabrics made from this fibre, as it has a unique propensity to fibrillate at the surface forming micro fibrils, which can be controlled or accentuated.

The Birla Excel Advantage

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