Birla Cellulose offers the finest range of soft, flowing, nature-based and man-made fibres that are best suited for apparel and home textile applications.


Our fibres can be used in their 100% form, or be blended with all natural and synthetic fibres for enhanced comfort, feel and lustre.

Women‘s wear


Adding comfort to fabric and enhancing their appeal, Birla Cellulose’s textile fibres are ideal for designing both high-end and everyday apparel.

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Fibres that blend well with cotton or polyester, ideal for formal, casual and party-wear shirts

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Fibres that add comfort, softness, lustre and colour, ideal for designing both traditional and modern women’s wear

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Bed Linen
Bath Linen
Table Linen
Floor Linen


Setting the pace of the modern homemaker’s desire for comfort and convenience, Birla Cellulose is extensively used in home textile applications.

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Bed Linen

Soft, comfortable fabric made with exquisite fibre-dyed wovens in elegant designs.

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Fabrics for Furnishing

An ornate and rich fibre based range of tapestry and upholstery.

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The Birla Cellulose Advantage

Soft and Comfortable
Vibrant Colours
Highly Absorbent

Our Fibres

Birla viscose

A first generation cellulosic fibre with a unique cross-section and brilliant lustre – softer, more absorbent and very comfortable.

Birla modal

A second generation viscose that fulfils man’s eternal quest for a fibre that combines the best of both aesthetics and utility.

Birla Spun Shades

A vibrant coloured, spun-dyed fibre that is made by placing colour pigments within the fibre itself.

Birla excel

The comfort and luxury of a natural fibre, with the strength and performance characteristics of a synthetic one.



From increasing the availability of information and research, to providing technical assistance, we proactively strive to create value for our partners across the value chain.

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Innovation Beyond Fibres

At Birla Cellulose, we’re dedicated to improving our products and processes, making eco-friendly innovations that create value for our consumers and partners.

Conserving the Environment, Sustaining Communities

Every step of our operations is guided by our social
responsibility to the people who’re involved in
making our products, and to the environment.