Birla Cellulose Champions Circular Solutions in Collaboration with Zara and Evrnu

By Admin | 19 July, 2023

Birla Cellulose Champions Circular Solutions in Collaboration with Zara and Evrnu

Birla Cellulose, a pioneer in sustainable textile production, is proud to announce its involvement in a groundbreaking circular initiative alongside sustainable clothing manufacturers, Zara and Evrnu.

This collaboration brings to life a remarkable story of transformation, where unsold garments are given new life through innovative recycling technologies. Result? Eco-friendly garments. The journey from waste to wearable showcases the immense potential of circular solutions in the fashion industry.

The story begins with Zara, the world's leading retailer in fashion and sustainable clothing manufacturers, who generously provided eight cartons of unsold cotton goods to Evrnu. Traditionally destined for landfills, these garments were handed over to Evrnu, a Seattle-based innovation company known for its groundbreaking technology called NuCycl®. This innovative process converts pre- and post-consumer cotton textile waste into cellulose pulp that can be used for textile production.

Taking the baton from Evrnu, Birla Cellulose stepped in to continue this circular journey. Leveraging their expertise and state-of-the-art facilities, Birla Cellulose's R&D team at the Textile Research and Development Centre (TRADC) combined the pulp from Zara's unsold cotton goods with the NuCycl pulp, creating a blend that consisted of 31% textile origin pulp and 69% wood pulp. Through their advanced closed-loop Lyocell technology, Birla Cellulose transformed this blend into one ton of recycled Lyocell fiber, which was then spun into 30's spun bulk yarn.

Collaborating seamlessly with Birla Cellulose, Birla Century's textile innovation prowess came into play. The renowned mill took the 30's spun bulk yarn and skillfully wove it into the fabric, producing approximately 1800 meters of exquisite material. This fabric was then shipped to Europe for a special garment overdyed program with Zara.

Finally, Zara, known for its commitment to sustainability, embraced the opportunity to bring these unique eco-friendly garments to market. Two styles were launched in December 2022, showcasing the versatility and quality of the circularly produced fabric:

  • 3x1 Twill 30/1 Slub Excel garment crafted from a blend of Inditex Nucycl and Birla Cellulose's Lyocell fiber
  • 20/1 Excel garment, also made from the same blend

The response to these sustainable garments was overwhelming. On the first day of the launch, 850 units were sold, a testament to the growing demand for eco-conscious fashion choices.

This circular initiative demonstrates the immense potential for collaborative efforts in the pursuit of a more sustainable future. Birla Cellulose, Zara, and Evrnu have come together, each contributing their unique expertise, to close the loop on textile waste and showcase the power of recycling in the fashion industry.

Birla Cellulose remains committed to pioneering sustainable solutions, and this circular story is a testament to its dedication. By pushing boundaries, fostering innovation, and building strong partnerships, Birla Cellulose is driving the fashion industry toward a more sustainable and circular future.