Birla Cellulose Revolutionizes Indian Textile Industry with Innovative Polyester/Viscose Blend

By Admin | 16 October, 2023

Birla Cellulose Revolutionizes

India is known for being one of the biggest makers and importers of cotton in the world. It depends a lot on the cotton crop to drive its agriculture economy. However, the cotton industry has to deal with many problems, from weather that is hard to predict to pests, diseases, and changes in the market.

Cotton production has been stuck between 28-39.8 million bales per year for the past 10 years, with no real growth on the horizon. Given the present state of affairs, it is likely that cotton output would decrease, making it necessary to investigate potential replacement fibres.

Enter Birla Cellulose, armed with a vision for sustainable and innovative solutions. Recognizing the urgent need for a reliable cotton substitute, Birla Cellulose has turned its attention to Viscose-based products, harnessing the power of natural resources to offer a compelling alternative to cotton.

While globally, synthetic fibers (MMF) dominate textile consumption with a ratio of 72:28 (MMF vs. Natural fibers), the trend in India has traditionally favored cotton. However, the tide is turning as consumers increasingly embrace man-made fibers. Viscose fiber, in particular, is gaining ground, emerging as the preferred choice over cotton, especially in the apparel sector.

To facilitate this industry shift, Birla Cellulose's technical team has been working diligently to assist cotton mills in transitioning to Viscose-based products with minimal investment. Their recent collaboration with a cotton-based customer in the western region exemplifies their commitment to this cause.

The transformation begins with adopting a Ne 40s Polyester/Viscose blend (65/35) using 1.2 D x 38 mm Viscose and Polyester fibers. The process involves optimizing existing cotton machinery setups, enabling a seamless transition to Polyester/Viscose production. Key modifications include bypassing certain beaters, optimizing beater speed, and adjusting wire profiles for enhanced efficiency.

In the carding stage, adjustments are made to accommodate the different wire densities of Polyester/Viscose processing, ensuring optimal speeds and tension drafts. Autoconer settings are fine-tuned to achieve exceptional splice strength and appearance, guaranteeing the highest quality end product.

Birla Cellulose's Polyester/Viscose blend represents a breakthrough in the textile industry, offering cotton mills a sustainable and economically viable alternative. This innovation secures the future of cotton spinning mills and aligns with India's evolving textile landscape, where sustainable fibers are the future.