Birla Cellulose Triumphs in Gujarat, Secures Nisan Spintex as Key Partner

By Admin | 16 October, 2023

Birla Cellulose Triumphs in Gujarat

In today's dynamic B2B sales landscape, it's no longer sufficient for sales teams to focus solely on attracting new business. To thrive in the long run, they must balance retaining and expanding existing accounts. And Birla Cellulose has demonstrated this mastery by including Nisan Spintex in its portfolio.

In a groundbreaking move, Birla Cellulose, a leading player in the textile industry, has clinched a significant partnership with Nisan Spintex, a distinguished spinning mill in Gujarat. This collaboration marks a milestone for Birla Cellulose as it expands its presence in the heart of India's textile hub.

Gujarat, the second-largest producer of cotton fiber, has historically been a challenging market, given its dominance in cotton spinning mills. However, the company has displayed remarkable strategic acumen in attracting Nisan Spintex to join hands in producing and supplying 100% Viscose Yarns using AirJet Spinning technology.

The significance of this partnership cannot be overstated. Gujarat accounts for over 60% of the nation's textile processing capacity, with major processing hubs located in Ahmedabad and Surat. Furthermore, Birla Cellulose's manufacturing capabilities in Vilayat and Kharach sites represent 70% of their fiber manufacturing capacity. Therefore, establishing a scalable spinning presence in this region is a strategic imperative for the company.

The journey to winning Nisan Spintex as a partner involved a comprehensive 360-degree approach. The partnership was nurtured through various key milestones:

  • TRADC Visit: Birla Cellulose and Nisan Spintex aligned their visits to The Rayon and Textile Development Corporation (TRADC) two years ago, signaling the start of a fruitful collaboration.
  • Collaboration with Rieter: A strategic collaboration with machine supplier Rieter was established, instilling Nisan Spintex with confidence in the quality of 100% Viscose products.
  • National Tours: Joint visits were organized to different textile hubs across India, including Ludhiana, Tirupur, Surat, and Bhilwara, to demonstrate the scalability of the partnership.
  • Product Quality Assurance: Multiple quality checks and support from Birla Cellulose's technical experts ensured impeccable product quality from the outset.
  • Commercial and Market Support: Birla Cellulose provided extensive commercial and market support, kickstarting Nisan Spintex's presence in markets such as Tanda, Surat, Ichalkaranji, and Bhiwandi.
  • Dedicated SCM Team: A dedicated supply chain management team was appointed to optimize operational costs and ensure same-day dispatches upon receipt of payment.
  • Volume Incentive Scheme: Nisan Spintex was onboarded under Birla Cellulose's Volume Incentive Scheme for FY24, reinforcing the long-term commitment between the two entities.

This collaboration, which commenced in April 2023 with a volume of 35 MT per month, has rapidly scaled to an impressive 384 TPM by July 2023 for Viscose fiber dispatches, showcasing the strength and dynamism of this partnership.

Birla Cellulose and Nisan Spintex have set a remarkable precedent in the textile industry, exemplifying the power of collaboration, innovation, and strategic vision. This partnership is a testament to Birla Cellulose's unwavering commitment to delivering excellence and driving sustainable growth in the textile sector.