Here are the highlights of the past year that we've been excited about the most!

Launch of our new saree brand navyāsa created by LIVA.

We are delighted to announce the launch of navyasa by LIVA - a new-age contemporary brand of fluid and sustainable sarees. Featuring ethereal prints and chic styles, each saree tells a colour-rich story with a modern twist using bold motifs and diverse themes curated for the woman of today and tomorrow -- crafted with our range of fluid LIVA fabrics.

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Miss Universe 2021 Harnaaz Sandhu- LIVA Brand Ambassador

We found our moment of pride with LIVA Miss Diva and Miss Universe 2021 winner Harnaaz Sandhu announced as the new face of LIVA

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Celebrating 75 years of Grasim

Celebrating more than seven decades of growth that began with a pioneering thought built on the foundation of our core values – integrity, commitment, passion, seamlessness, and speed.

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We value relationships that help us build for a better future for textiles and the planet. Learn more about the partnerships we've forged in the past year, here.

Partnered with Renewcell for 100% recycled textile waste for LIVA Reviva

Renewcell is a multi-award winning sustain tech company based in Sweden. Our strategic partnership with them will see us using Circulose -- .their 100% recycled textile raw material to manufacture LIVA Reviva circular fibres!

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Lyocell innovations through Nanollose partnership

We've completed our first pilot spin of an eco-friendly next-generation lyocell fibre containing 20% Nanollose microbial cellulose. The fibres produced maintain all superior attributes of Birla Excel (lyocell) while enhancing sustainability, helping ensure the fibres we create are as eco-friendly as they could be

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Memsift Innovations for ZLD solutions

Our collaboration with Memsift Innovations, a membrane based MLD/ZLD solution provider helps pilot innovative membrane technology for resource recovery applications. With an endeavor to reduce our water and carbon footprint for the future of the planet, this partnership is aimed at exchanging expertise to explore, co-develop and implement these technologies.

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Decarbonise the fashion industry with agricultural waste

Raw material innovation through agricultural waste? That's exactly what our collaboration with Fashion For Good aims for, helping decarbonise the fashion industry as well

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At Birla Cellulose, we make sure everything we do is as sustainable as possible -- for the good of fashion, and the planet. Take a look at some of the sustainable activities we've put into action recently, below.

3rd Sustainability Report

We're glad to present our 3rd Sustainability Report, highlighting our focus on moving towards a circular economy. With sustainable practices via efficient use of natural resources, we lessen the environmental burden on our planet and add value to the textile industry as a whole.

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Our commitment to Net Carbon Zero

With a goal to bring down the net carbon emissions to zero across all our operations by 2040, we're making carbon neutrality a reality

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Ranked #1 in Canopy Hot Button Report

Ranking #1 with 33 buttons on Canopy Planet's Hot Button Report 2021 and a Dark-Green Shirt rating for the second consecutive year, it has been our constant endeavor to create sustainable fibres and innovate with next-gen solutions to preserve the Earth.

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EUBAT Compliance - Vilayat

Birla Cellulose's Grasim Vilayat site achieves EU BAT Compliances -- going beyond regulatory norms towards the stringent EU BAT norms

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GreenTrack- Our blockchain traceability platform

Implemented every fibre we create with an in-built molecular tracer and blockchain technology that allows complete transparency from source to garment using our GreenTrack™ platform.

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The Microfibre 2030 Commitment

Microplastics pollution is an unseen peril and needs to be dealt urgently. Birla Cellulose is committed to contributing in research work todevelop guidelines to mitigate microplastics pollution. Birla Cellulose is supporting. The Microfibre 2030 Commitment in addressing harmful impacts of microplastic pollution

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Commitment to scaling up the circular fibre to 100,000 tons by 2024.

Birla Cellulose's LIVA Reviva fibre is made using Next Generation feedstock following the principles of circular textiles. It is made using 20% pre-consumer textile waste

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Celebrating our achievements that you made possible.

Golden Peacock Award for Sustainability

Birla Cellulose's leadership, achievements and continuous improvements in sustainability in the global textile industry bagged the prestigious Golden Peacock Global Award for Sustainability 2020 in the Textile and Apparel sector.

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UN Global Compact Network India

Our unique blockchain-based platform GreenTrack™ won the Innovative & Sustainable Supply Chain Award by UN Global Compact Network India

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ET Promising Plants 2021

Our Nagda SFD plant's firm commitment towards environmental and social issues in the community in and around the plant along with excellence in water management won us the Economic Times Promising Plants 2021!

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We've also won the SRTEPC award for second best overall export performance in synthetic and rayon textiles -- a testament to the huge strides we're making in our business.

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See how we're changing the game in textile production with the exciting partnerships we've woven.

Peter England X LIVA Reviva

Stay stylishly smart while giving back to the planet with the 'For Earth' collection by Peter England, created with LIVA Reviva. The collection of shirts features vibrant colours, ever-trendy checks designed specially to amp-up the fashion statement of the modern man

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COATS X Birla Excel

We partnered with Coats, the world’s leading thread manufacturers for Coats EcoRegen -- a sustainable thread enriched with Birla Excel lyocell fibres that truly sets the benchmark in sustainability.

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LIVA Reviva dress from Canopy Circular Camapagin featured in Cosmopolitan UK.

See how LIVA Reviva garments are keeping up with a quickly-changing fashion ecosystem of brands and customers and with ultra-chic dresses made out of LIVA Reviva at Canopy's #CircularisChic campaign. The LIVA Reviva dress has also featured on the cover of Cosmopolitan UK's February 2022 Issue

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