Birla Modal is the ultimate in softness and fluidity combines with enduring strength and superb performance. As the second-generation innovation of viscose, the production process has been perfected to accentuate its brilliant lustre, soft feel and excellent drape while also improving its utility. In addition, the fibre is derived from a 100% renewable natural resource, allowing it to biodegrade and fully return to nature. Birla Modal blends beautifully with other fibres and fulfills the age-old demand of combining fashion with function.


The third generation in man- made cellulosic fibre, Birla Excel, a lyocell fibre is truly environment friendly and is made through a unique closed loop process with 99.7% solvent recovery.

Excel fibre is produced by using solvent spinning process which is entirely different from the viscose and modal processes. There is a direct dissolution of cellulose or pulp in an organic solvent called N-Methyl Morpholine N-oxide (NMMO) without use of any other chemicals/solvents and hence there are no gaseous emissions from the process.


Birla Spunshades is our dope-dyed fibre, made using an innovative Colour Lock Technology. Fabrics will not fade even after multiple washes as pigments are embedded into the fibre itself versus conventionnal fabric piece-dyeing. Birla Cellulose holds majority global market share of coloured fibres and has an extensive palette of 74 ongoing colours across key shades.

Discover sustainable innovations for the future of fashion!
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