Birla Cellulose wins Innovative & Sustainable Supply Chain Award by UN Global Compact Network India

16th Apr, 2021

The case study presented by the company– Liva Reviva by Birla Cellulose & Fully Traceable Circular Global Fashion Supply Chains – was awarded for innovation in recycled and circular fibre made with pre-consumer fabric waste and end-to-end ‘live’ supply chain transparency and traceability through its unique blockchain-based platform GreenTrack™.

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Birla Cellulose releases 2nd edition of Sustainability Report

Mar 2021

Our second sustainability report details our experience with Covid-19 and how we responded to the pandemic. It gives a summary of our sustainability strategy, key material issues and risks, the progress that we have made on our goals and plans going forward.

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Birla Cellulose joins Global Partnership to drive circularity

9th Mar, 2021

Birla Cellulose has joined the “Circular Fashion Partnership”, a cross-sectorial project led by Global Fashion Agenda, Reverse Resources and BGMEA, to accelerate the transition to a circular fashion industry.

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Birla Cellulose and Nanollose File Joint Patent for High Tenacity Lyocell

12th Jan, 2021

Using the lyocell process, a team of fibre experts at Birla Cellulose, Pulp and Fibre Innovation Centre have produced nullarbor fibre that is finer than silk and significantly stronger than conventional lyocell traditionally produced from wood pulp.

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  • Think About Tomorrow, Today!

    Redefining the paradigm of sustainability as an integral part of our business

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Integrating Sustainability, from Forest to Fashion

Birla Cellulose is a leading sustainability focused man made cellulosic fibre producer. Our nature based fibers come from renewable wood sourced from sustainably managed forest. We use closed-loop process and environmentally efficient technologies that recycle raw materials and conserve natural resources. Our new generation products like Livaeco by Birla Cellulose, Liva Reviva, Birla Excel and Birla Spunshades are designed with superior sustainable credentials which contribute towards a greener environment.

Viscose: The Greater

Ethically derived from natural, renewable resources, Viscose fibre is superior in terms of low water intensity, land-use efficiency, potential for circularity and versatility in applications.

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2019 2020

Birla Cellulose: Sustainability

Sustainability for us is to create positive value for all the stakeholders.

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Ltr of Water Saved as Compared to Cotton Plantation
Trees Planted
CSR Beneficiaries

Giving back to the Planet more than We Take!

Our Sustainability Framework

The guiding principles of our sustainability strategy are derived from the UN SDGs, the materiality issues identified with internal & external stakeholders, and the risk assessment constituted our Sustainability framework.

At the core of all the sustainability initiatives lies the well-being of our planet and its people.

Our Sustainability Goals

  • 2019
  • 2022
  • 2025
  • 2030
Reduce sulphur release to air by 70% at all fibre sites by 2022

To implement closed-loop technologies at all the fibre sites to achieve the EU BAT norms for sulphur release-to-air by 2022.

Reduce water intensity by 50% in VSF manufacturing by 2025 over baseline of FY’15

To apply innovative technologies to reduce water consumption, including the use of state-of-the-art membrane based technologies and establish new global benchmarks

Development of alternative applications to reduce solid waste by 25% by 2030 over FY’15

To identify opportunities to reduce waste and evaluate alternative applications in infrastructure as well as in other industries

Increase use of alternative feedstock such as of pre- and post-consumer cellulose waste

To increase use of alternative feedstock through intensive R&D efforts by working on relevant recycling technologies as well as on reverse logistics to optimise the process

Assess and improve sustainability performance of key suppliers by 2025

To assess key suppliers for their sustainability, safety & health practices, legal compliances, ethics and labour rights

Reduce the Loss Time Injury Frequency Rate (LTIFR) below 90% over baseline of FY’15

To reduce LTIFR by 90% with a strong focus on safety systems to safeguard our employees, nearby communities and suppliers

Empower 50,000 women by making them financially independent on chosen vocations by 2030

To empower 50,000 women by making them financially independent by 2030 and bridge the developmental gaps by ensuring gender equality, women empowerment and girl child education

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