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Upholding Tracebility Via
Blockchain Enabled Platform

Upholding sustainable business practices has always been the driving force behind the success of Birla Cellulose, the Pulp and Fibre brand of Aditya Birla Group, that is widely recognized today, as the leading producer of man-made cellulosic fibre (MMCF). Currently the operator of 12 pulp and fibre sites across the globe, Birla Cellulose has ensured the implementation of closed-loop systems, and environmentally efficient technology in all its operations. It’s tireless stance on ensuring sustainable sourcing has earned the company Rank #1 globally in Canopy’s Hot Button Report, for three consecutive years. Birla Cellulose has made strides in the areas of sustainable forestry practices as well as incorporation of next generation technology, that provides environmentally friendly solutions for alternative feedstock.

Birla Cellulose’s tireless stance on ensuring sustainable wood sourcing has earned it

Rank #1 globally in Canopy’s Hot Button Report, for three consecutive years, since 2019.

The business has made strides in the areas of sustainable forestry practices as well as incorporation of next generation solutions for alternative feedstock.

However, in this day and age, where sustainability has become an increasing source of concern in the minds of consumers, there are very few brands that provide information regarding their traceability of the product. At the same time, there are a plethora of brands that claim to prioritize sustainability but with little to no information on the traceability of their products. This may create disquiet in the minds of conscious consumers, all of whom should be made privy to information regarding the product they’re buying.

The viscose fibre value chain goes through arduous process of conversion of wood sourced from sustainable forests to a fashion product, involving complicated procedures like pulp & fibre production, spinning, weaving/knitting, garmenting, etc. Due to the long and complex nature of the value chain, the journey from raw material to finished garment is often obscured from the eyes of the consumer which brings to our attention to the importance of a reliable traceability mechanism to be set in place.

Manufacturing Process


Enter GreenTrack™, Birla Cellulose’s indigenous, blockchain technology based traceability platform which is, designed to provide transparency of their entire supply chain. GreenTrack™ provides both Brands and the Value Chain with updates on their material flow journey of their orders. This platform was established in 2019 and is already handling thousands of live transactions for over 50 leading global brands and retailers, 850+ value chain partners across 22 countries. This move of Birla Cellulose to demonstrate their commitment towards the establishment of a fully transparent supply chain, which ensures visibility of the entire value chain including sustainably managed forests, is well received in the industry. The platform has distinguished itself, with its unique ability to replicate physical transactions and displays the associated information only to the relevant parties. The two-fold provenance tracking program, based on live linking, eliminates the possibility of any inconsistencies whilst tracking the cellulose material across the value chain.




  • Blockchain based technology
  • Track the material flow upto its origin
  • Two-fold provenance tracking
  • Live linking
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The company has time and again demonstrated its commitment to transparency and traceability, most recently with their achievement of the Innovative and Sustainable Supply Chain Award, by the UN Global Compact Network India. The award was presented to them for their case study "Liva Reviva & Fully Traceable Circular Global Fashion Supply Chains", which demonstrated strides made by the company in the field of recycled and circular fiber, as well as end-to-end transparency through its platform GreenTrack™.

Birla Cellulose is committed towards enhancing trust and creating shared value in the supply chain. Traceable and transparent supply chains are stepping-stones to providing brands and consumers with the confidence that their products originate from sustainably managed forests conserving biodiversity and complying to global standards.

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