Unveiling the Magic of Craftsmanship: LIVA x Pearl Jaipur Collaborative Project

By Admin | 11 September, 2023

How Birla Cellulose helped Optimize

In a vibrant fusion of artistry, innovation, and tradition, LIVA, a trailblazing name in the fashion industry, embarked on an exciting journey of creativity with the Pearl Academy, Jaipur students. This remarkable partnership aims to nurture budding designers while unveiling the hidden gems of Indian crafts through the lens of LIVA fabrics.

Seeding Creativity and Collaboration

The primary objective of the LIVA x Pearl Jaipur Collaborative Project was to foster partnerships with esteemed fashion institutes and provide a platform for budding designers to explore their creative potential. By collaborating with Pearl Academy, Jaipur, LIVA seeks to sow the seeds of understanding about its versatile fabrics among young designers in the early stages of their careers and the fashion industry's future in the years to come! 

Crafting Concepts with Indian Crafts

At the heart of this initiative lies the endeavor to curate concept-based designs that celebrate the rich Indian crafts of Jaipur on the canvas of LIVA fabrics. Students from Pearl Academy were divided into groups, each tasked with delving into different crafts. From Bandhani and Leheriya to Gota Patti and Kharak Kinari, the students explored traditional techniques that have been part of the region's heritage for centuries.

Igniting Imagination with Exploration

The LIVA x Pearl Jaipur Collaborative Project takes innovation to new heights. By inviting students to explore diverse crafts like Baghru, Dabu, Ajrak, Jajam, Sanganer Printing, and Meenakari Paintings, LIVA, and Pearl Academy show the fashion world that the possibilities are endless. The students embarked on a journey of fabric exploration, breathing new life into these age-old techniques on the canvas of LIVA fabrics.

Crafting Garments with a Twist

What's a fashion project without the garments themselves? The project pushed students to develop a range of Ethnic/Fusionwear for Womenswear using the techniques and bases they had explored. The result? An array of stunning creations that blend tradition with modernity. The students conceptualized their designs, conducted market research, created mood boards, color boards, and put together presentations that showcased their creative journeys.

The LIVA x Pearl Jaipur Collaborative Project has successfully highlighted the magical marriage between traditional crafts and modern textiles. By igniting the imagination of young designers, this initiative has breathed new life into age-old techniques, ensuring that they continue to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of fashion.