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At Birla Cellulose, all our input materials and services utilised in carrying out operations are covered under responsible sourcing. The sourcing strategy is designed considering the management of risks pertaining to safety and environment, legal compliances, ethics, human rights and fair wages, among other aspects related to functionality of materials and services.

Our policies are compliant to global standards and partake in conservation of ancient and endangered forests, high conservation forest, boreal forests and biodiversity.

and Certification

We follow global standards & business processes that are good for the health of the planet and its people. Our environmental and quality practices, and product certifications from globally reputed agencies, enable us to build professional credibility among our stakeholders

  • Wood Sourcing Policy
  • Supplier Code of Conduct
  • FSC® (FSC® C118017), SFI® and PEFC™ Certificates

We strictly implement our requirements of wood supply across all our pulp suppliers to ensure that the wood used by them are sourced from sustainably managed forests and plantations, while also following the laws of the land.

Birla Cellulose is committed to procure wood only from sustainable sources and in its Wood Sourcing Policy has laid out that it will not procure wood which is:

  • Illegally harvested wood
  • Wood harvested in violation of traditional and civil rights
  • Wood derived from uncertified High Conservation Value Forest
  • Wood harvested from plantations established after 1994 through conversion of natural forests or converted to non-forest use
  • Wood from forests in which genetically modified trees are planted
  • Wood harvested in ancient and endangered forests, or endangered species habitat

Our wood sourcing policy can be accessed

View Policies & Reports

Our Supplier Code of Conduct is aimed at creating a positive impact on the sustainable business practices across the value chain and its compliance by our suppliers is a key criterion for selection and partnerships.

All goods or service suppliers of Birla Cellulose are expected to fully understand the requirements of this Supplier Code of Conduct and apply it within their operations and in all their dealings with Birla Cellulose.

The Supplier Code of Conduct covers following key aspects:

  • Human Rights
  • Environment, Health and Safety (EHS)
  • Applicable Laws & Regulations
  • Business Ethics

The purpose of the Supplier Code of Conduct is to procure all goods and services from the sustainable sources adhering to stringent EHS standards and ensure all transactions are done in ethical ways following the regulatory requirements. Human Rights is of paramount importance to us and therefore we consistently interact with suppliers on these issues. We periodically assess the risks in the supply chain, on a case-to-case basis, investigate/audit facilities and encourage the suppliers to establish best practices.

For more information please visit:

Policies Reports

The pulp used in our manufacturing process is controlled wood and has certification from FSC® (FSC® C118017), SFI® and PEFC™.

We continue to implement strict controls on the wood sourcing to ensure our sustainability practices start right from the very first stage of procurement.

Apart from ensuring certifications of harvested wood from leading organizations working towards forest management, we keep a check on the source of the wood procured, valid across all our operations.

All the pulp and fibre manufacturing sites of Birla Cellulose are FSC® (FSC® C118017) CoC certified.


Being part of the entire textile value chain, right from forest to fashion, Birla Cellulose has been sourcing raw materials,keeping socio-economic and environmental progress at the core of our business strategy and respecting the consumers' expectations. We have integrated sustainability into our operations and products to take on the challenges of the ever-evolving dynamics of the industry.


In the latest Hot Button Report, published in December 2020 Birla Cellulose achieved a "dark green shirt ranking confirming that there is a low risk of sourcing wood from ancient and endangered forests when consumers are using Birla Cellulose fibres.



We have a unique tracer in our fibre, which enables source verification at all stages of the value chain from fibre to fashion. Blockchain technology based tool - Green Track ™ is used to trace upward and downward value chain, to maintain authenticity of data.


Supplier Assessment

Our procurement function applies ‘Supplier Code of Conduct’ for the procurement of raw materials and services. Critical suppliers are assessed for their sustainability performance and we comply with this code of conduct and undergo ‘supplier assessment process’.

Social Forestry

Using sustainable fibres can transform lives and sustain operations. Birla Cellulose works with farmers for the afforestation of barren and deforested land with the purpose of environmental, social and rural development. This is a win-win proposition for the farmers and for Birla Cellulose. Farmers receive better income leading to a better standard of life, and we gain a secured supply of wood for making viscose fibre. Harihar Polyfibers, pulp manufacturing...


Chemical Sourcing

Chemicals are integral to viscose production. They are used at various stages of viscose fibre production – from making pulp from wood chips, to making fibre from viscose. We acknowledge the impact of the chemicals we use and have implemented a robust chemical management system that indicates our overarching strategies...


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